Here are some of the comments our parents have made about us. “The teachers are great very approachable if you have concerns.”  “It has a lovely feel as you walk in – everyone is welcoming and smiles.” “The broad balanced curriculum and traditional values i.e. links to the church, nativity, harvest festival etc are good.” “Caring and education is good.” “We are happy with the school at present” “I am able to sort out problems that my son experiences.” “It is friendly and my son thoroughly enjoys the time he spends in school.” “Welcoming atmosphere, friendly staff.” “We are happy with the school overall.” “Good happy learning environment.” “How friendly and approachable everyone is.” “Extremely happy with everything.” “My child seems happy and safe and is already progressing. School environment is pleasant and welcoming and understanding.” “We are very impressed with the way our daughter has settled at school. She is enjoying it and hopefully that will continue.” “The teachers are great and very approachable if you have concerns.” “I love Anlaby Primary School. I think it is a caring and well run school.” “My son has settled in to Year 6 well and I feel his learning is progressing at a much better rate. He looks forward to school.” “Friendly staff. My son is progressing amazingly. I think parents could be kept a little more up to date with regards to child’s progress, activates each week and things they have done each day e.g. getting on ‘wow’ my son can never remember why!” “It is such a friendly school with a lovely welcoming atmosphere. My child has settled well and continues to enjoy school. He is encouraged to do well and he is happy here.” “How polite children are. No other comments, happy.” “My child has really settled well at Anlaby Primary School the ethos of the school and the values make us, as parents, really proud to have chosen this school in developing my child’s education. Keep up the fab work your all doing an amazing job.” “Good communication. Would like a little more notice about merits if possible. Friendly staff. Good intervention when needed.” “I love the ‘family’ feel to the school and how everyone supports each other.” “I have always felt my child was safe and well taken care of. The learning has always been appropriate and he has been encouraged to grow.” “Anlaby Primary makes learning fun for my child.” “Approachable and helpful; staff especially with regard to transitioning to the school and area. Organised approach and structure with regard to home work.” “Open approachable teachers and staff. Good learning environment.” “Approachable staff. Excellent learning environment.” “Friendly school.” “It’s welcoming and friendly with great staff.” “I’m happy, my son is happy and content at Anlaby. It fills me with confidence to send him each day.” “That he is secure. Teachers and staff are approachable.” “Good teaching.” “I like the security. Not letting my child out until I’m there. I think the school has improved massively.” “My child (and previous child) have always enjoyed coming to school which must be a consequence of how they are taught, cared for whilst at school” “I like the interaction between parents and teachers especially in this class I feel like my child is treated as an individual.” “I like the interaction between parents and teachers especially in this class I feel like my child is treated as an individual.”  “Generally a good friendly atmosphere. Teaching is very good and children are mostly happy and keen to learn.” “It is friendly and enjoyable for my children which is important to us.” “I like the friendly staff.”