School Uniform and Equipment

Like most schools, we require our children to wear a uniform. It gives a real sense of belonging to a team, and we find wearing ‘work clothes’ puts children in the right frame of mind for learning. All of our uniform, as well as additional branded accessories such as book bags, are available for purchase from Rawcliffe’s Schoolwear. You can order items online at, or by visiting their store on Paragon Street in Hull opposite Barclays Bank.

For more details of our School Uniform Policy Click on the link below;

School Uniform Policy

Uniform guidelines:

The following guidelines can be adapted to meet an individual child’s religion, cultural traditions, or special educational needs if required.

For girls, the uniform consists of: blue shirts/polo shirts, navy sweatshirts, jumpers or cardigans; navy, black or grey trousers, skirts and pinafores. In warmer weather, blue and white checked dresses are also permitted.

Boys can wear: blue shirts/polo shirts, navy sweatshirts, jumpers or cardigans; navy, black or grey trousers. Navy, black or grey shorts in a smart, tailored style may also be worn during hot spells.

All children must wear either smart black school shoes or black trainers. The only exception to this rule is that white or coloured trainers/sporting footwear may be worn on days when children have P.E. If children wear lace up shoes, they must be able to tie them independently.

P.E. kit is to consist of a plain blue/white t-shirt and blue or black shorts. As the children will be in their P.E. kit all day, they should cover up with a plain blue or black track suit, or their school jumper and jogging bottoms, which can be easily removed.

Please remember jewellery that is permitted i.e. watch and stud earrings must be removed or earrings covered with tape. This should be applied at home or by the child with tape from home.

In hot weather we encourage children to bring in and wear sun caps during their break times.

We strongly advise parents to put their child’s name on any items of clothing that they wear in school.

There are currently no formal restrictions on hairstyles or colours, although we reserve the right to change this if children’s haircuts begin to cause disruption during lessons.

Children are not allowed jewellery apart from small stud earrings and simple analogue or digital watches. These must be either removed for P.E or, in the case of earrings, covered by tape brought from home and applied by the child. Smart watches and Fitbits are not permitted in school. All items are brought in entirely at the children’s own risk and are not covered by the school’s insurance policy.


The school will provide all the necessary equipment for your child to access the whole curriculum, so there is no need to send your child in with any stationery.

Trading cards and small items:

We are happy for children to bring in trading cards and small fashionable items to play with and/or exchange during their playtimes and lunchtimes. As a school we believe in actively promoting British values, one of which is individual liberty. Our children have the right to use their break times to play how they wish (providing they adhere to our behaviour policy), and this includes having the right to bring in small items to aid with their games. However, it is important to reiterate that such items are brought into school at the children’s own risk, and the school reserves the right to confiscate and/or ban any items that cause safety concerns or distract children in assemblies or lesson time.

Lost Property:

We actively encourage children to look after their own property, no matter how young they are. Staff often spend time with parents and children looking for lost items, and whilst we are happy to do this, please remember that it is not the responsibility of staff if the item cannot be found. Staff will periodically check the lost property box and return named items to their owners, but all unnamed items that have not been claimed within a month will be disposed of or used within the school.

Second Hand Uniform:

We are happy to accept donations of second hand uniform, in a good condition, which will be made available to parents for a donation to school fund.