Anlaby Primary School

The Hive is our breakfast and after school club, designed for the children of busy parents who are unable to drop off or pick up their children at the standard start or end of the school day due to work commitments. We run three sessions: breakfast, afternoon, and evening. The breakfast session runs from 7:30 to 8.40 and costs £3.00, the afternoon session runs from 15.20/25 to 17.00 and costs £3.50, and the evening session runs from 17.00 to 18.00 and also costs £3.50.[1] The breakfast and afternoon session prices include a snack, served until 8.15 and between 3.45-4.15 respectively. Regular slots can be booked by emailing our Extended Services Manager, Miss Stanley, on, and ad hoc bookings can be made by either messaging Miss Stanley or calling the School Office on 01482 653077. We aim to try and fit in everybody that wants a place but we cannot guarantee this if bookings are made at extremely short notice.

At the Hive, the children have a chance to socialise with other children of all ages whom they might not usually meet in the course of an ordinary school day. They eat their breakfast and evening snacks together and take part in a range of inclusive non-structured activities including table tennis, arts and crafts, board games, construction, and much more. We find that the older children often take the younger ones under their wings and pass on the skills they have learned to them, in return developing their own abilities to communicate effectively and behave responsibly. Attending the Hive is a fantastic opportunity for children to learn and develop subconsciously, whilst simultaneously having great fun.

Every week there is also one structured activity that children can choose to do, which may take the form of baking, investigating an artistic style and creating artwork based on it, or making a particular structure. Each activity is linked to one of the topics being studied in school at that time. If children attend regularly they will take part in activities linked to what they are studying, and also be exposed to topics that they have studied before or are yet to study, thus consolidating what they already know and increasing their breadth of knowledge and skills.

Children also have access to laptops and the internet in an evening, to do homework/private research or play age appropriate games under the supervision of a member of staff. During warmer weather, children are also occasionally allowed to play outdoor games on the Key Stage 2 playground or school field at the discretion of the Extended Services Manager.

Holiday provision:

The Hive also opens during holiday periods, dependent on the amount of interest shown by prospective customers beforehand. Whilst the setting and the unstructured activities remain the same, there are a few small differences between the Hive during term time and the Hive’s holiday provision:

Firstly, the Hive is open to children from other local schools as well as Anlaby pupils during the holidays. As a rider to this, there is no requirement for school uniform to be worn.

Secondly, the Hive’s holiday provision is structured and priced differently. Parents can either pay for a half-day, priced at £11.00 and covering either the period from 7:30 to 12:30 or 12:30 to 18:00, or a full day, costing £16.00. If staying for the full day, parents will need to provide their child with their own lunch.

Finally, there will still be structured activities during the holidays, but these will not be based on a school topic but rather on a theme chosen by the Extended Services Manager that may not directly link to the curriculum.


The Hive Terms and Conditions