Anlaby Primary School

Staff List 2020/21 



Name Role Class
Mrs R Allen Science Leader Y2 Potter
Mr D Appleyard  Music Leader  Y4 Kinney
Miss Barnett  IT Leader  Y3 Murphy
Mr L Brannigan  PE Leader  Y5 Pullman
Mrs S Britton  Phonics Leader  Y1 Fletcher
Mr M Coombe  Year 6 Phase Leader  Y6 Rowling
Miss M Cox  ECT  Y3 Dahl 
Mr J Chattaway  RE Leader/PPA Coordinator  PPA Cover
Miss A Davy  Geography  Y1 Donaldson
Mrs Jill Edwards  PSHCE Leader  Y4 Morpurgo
Mrs G Greer  Assistant Headteacher Curriculum  Y6 Shakespeare
Mrs S Grout  Art and Design  Y4 Morpurgo
Mrs L Hall  English Leader  Y5 Walliams
Mrs A Hare  Additional Support Leader  Year 5
Miss R Inglis  Science Leader  Y2 Potter
Mrs B Jefferson  Maths Leader  Y6 Shakespeare
Mr G May  Headteacher  Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs H Miley  History Leader  FS1 Simmons
Miss C Newton  Design and Technology Leader  FS2 Rosen
Miss G Norton  MFL Leader  Y6 Rowling and Shakespeare
Mrs J Oliver  Foundation Stage Leader  FS2 Inkpen
Mrs S Richards  More Able Champion  Y2 Ahlberg
Mrs L Rudd  Assistant Headteacher and SENDCo  Inclusion

Admin Staff

Mrs A Cherry School Business Manager  
Mrs J Emanuel Clerical Assistant  
Mrs J Randerson Finance Officer  
Miss L Boynton Teaching Assistant    
Mrs C Charlton  Higher Level Teaching Assistant   PPA Cover
Miss K Dodson Teaching Assistant   
Miss C English  Teaching Assistant    
Mrs T Evans Teaching Assistant  Beat Dyslexia
Miss H Farrow Teaching Assistant   
Miss H Fleming  Teaching Assistant    
Mrs J Fisher  Teaching Assistant    
Mrs F Gibson Teaching Assistant   
Miss E Gillyon Teaching Assistant   
Mrs K Harrington Teaching Assistant   
Mrs S Langdale Teaching Assistant  
Mrs S Littlewood Teaching Assistant   
Mr S Marshall Higher Level Teaching Assistant PPA Cover
Mrs T Pitts Teaching Assistant   
Mrs A Popplewell Teaching Assistant   
Mrs K Raven Teaching Assistant  Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs P Rowson Teaching Assistant  ELSA
Mrs J Stephenson Teaching Assistant   
Miss R Stanley Teaching Assistant   
Mr A Steels Teaching Assistant   
Mrs L Suggitt Teaching Assistant   
Miss E Sutton Teaching Assistant  
Miss H Taylor Wood Pastoral Support Manager  
Mrs H Wilkinson Teaching Assistant  

Lunchtime Supervisors and Kitchen Staff Staff

Ms H Johnson Cook  
Mrs J Rust  Kitchen Assistant   
Mrs L Shooter Kitchen Assistant  
Mrs K Raven Senior Lunchtime Supervisor  
Mrs S Elgie   Senior Lunchtime Supervisor  
Mrs L Clark  Lunchtime Supervisor  
Mrs L McDermott Lunchtime Supervisor   
Mrs I Phillips Lunchtime Supervisor  
Mrs J Rowley  Lunchtime Supervisor   
Mrs L Sullivan   Lunchtime Supervisor   
Mrs J Slater Lunchtime Supervisor   

Site Maintenance

Mr C Bellwood Caretaker  
Mrs S Green Cleaner  
Miss L Sullivan Cleaner  
Ms D Terry Cleaner  
Miss M Wood Cleaner