Parent Questionnaire

All parents who attend our Autumn Parents' Evening are invited to complete a questionnaire while they wait for their appointment. We use the information to identify areas for development for the year ahead.

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Parent Comments 2022

Fantastic All Round. There are a large range of dressing up events which require money to buy new clothes for a little too much. Miss Davey is amazing couldn’t wish for a better more-friendly Year 1 teacher. Thank you Miss Davey. We are just unsure of what activities are available but Poppy does multiple activities outside school. Poppy’s teacher Miss Davy does a fantastic job. Asset to the school. Mr Richardson. I would prefer letters to be physically sent home rather than all online. Just sometimes if something happens teachers don’t take it serious for example say I don’t see it happening or say there doing fine when the child tells me something happened. This was not Miss Davy. Would like better communication on what topics are and what is being done. Information and activities – in newsletter only – very limited hard to know what doing or can attend around full time work. Put not in bag about reading book – still awaiting a response! N.B I asked my child some of these questions as I have no clue what goes on in class on a day to day basis. Marvellous Me could be used a little more, pictures not easy to see when parent doesn’t have Twitter. Overall happy with the school, our children love coming and have really enjoyed every teacher they have had so far. The APP MarvellousME is rarely used, this would be great way to keep me up to date with Elizabeth’s Progress. Not sure what homework to expect but she enjoys it when she gets it so more for the weekend would be welcomed. Advanced warning of activities would be better Brilliant school, amazing staff Rory settled in to school well. Every teacher in all years has been approachable/helpful. All assist in helping Rory through in his school days. I find Mrs Rudd has been very supportive and answered my concerns putting a support plan in place and providing me with resources to help at times. I have provided ticks across boxes as my thoughts are in between those areas. Communication has got better but could continue to improve, I would like to see more via MarvellousMe some pictures of child doing activities or pictures of work would be great. My child did get picked on by some kids in foundation but this seems to have stopped now in year 1. Overall happy with the school. As a single parent I don’t get a lot of information. Due to Covid it has been hard to do stuff feel now there should be more fun getting parents in and trips. Teachers try very hard. Amazing school, staff, teachers. My son feels safe in school and so happy. Many thanks. We’re so happy with the progress L-J has made while at Anlaby. As my child has an active life outside school we do feel under a lot of pressure to complete all the homework and reading. As a parent who does not do the school run due to work, I feel I am not updated on progress as other parents are on a daily basis. Brilliant school, amazing staffSpellings hard The school is amazing! My daughter is so happy here; just as I was when I attended many moons ago. Thank you to everyone for making it so. Too much homework The progress of our eldest child has dropped off is our expectation. You’re alright. Homework Year 3 needs more structure. Spelling is so difficult almost impossible. Confidence is important and when they don’t know a word its horrible for them. Too many methods of communication with texts, emails, MarvellousMe and newsletters, we often miss things because things are not in one place. Hot lunch choices are ample – I appreciate this is set by the LA but there is too many variations of chicken in a week and not enough variety across other dishes, pasta etc. I find it easy to contact the teacher - I have never had to. Throughout the past disruption with Covid etc all the staff have been amazing in both support for the school pupils and the parents. I am pleased to see the school pushing PE and the after school clubs. Parents’ Evening in the classroom please. Last minute emails about dressing up. We feel that Mr Chattaway is approachable and we are happy with the progress our daughter is making. Thanks for all of the support. Last minute arrangements about dressing up would be good to be able to get something in and text messages emails about different things is hartd when trying to keep up with everything. Easy to miss things with both of them running together. The app MarvellousMe is great though maybe information about different things could be communicated through one source. I feel my child is not progressing as much as I would like. I don’t like Daniel doing too much homework set from school. Daniel does set work from us and his tablet work. I am very happy with the progress he is making. I would like my child to be encouraged to drink his fluids. He could already be encouraged but it is just a point. Would like more after school activities to enable my child more options and make it more available and not just hope they get picked. It would be nice if there was more after school activities like rugby, history. Music. Miss Jefferson is going above and beyond with using MarvellousME to keep parents informed on the learning taking place and emails home. In general, I feel communication to parents has improved greatly over the last few years. Set weekly/fortnightly vs termly homework. I absolutely love this school thank you for having us. You can’t do enough for my child. I’m glad he came to Anlaby Primary. Our daughter is dyslexic and has been provided the additional support needed to help encourage her with her English work. She hates school but this is only because she finds it difficult. Recent brain breaks and blue work have helped stop the tears in a morning before school. Any concerns I have are always addressed quickly and Charlottes best interests are at the heart of everything the school does. My child complained of offensive language at some of his classmates and we discussed it with the teacher. APS appears to be lacking in activities for children out of hours! No representation at recent football tournament which was not received well by Y6 kids/parents who are active in local leagues. Our child has had some issues with other children being mean but we have had plenty of support to deal with it. 100% Keep up the good work. Enjoys afternoon activities. My child has some issues which the school are aware of and now addressing but this has been slow progress. Would like more regular progress updates on my child. Sometime this information is a bit last minute and sporadic. Not always and not consistent enough with seeking views of parents. Can feel a bit of a nuisance with reception staff sometimes. I am a ‘second’ parent and don’t get all the information available hence some of my answers. Sometimes struggles with spellings and finds it difficult. A little too much homework to do. The school has made Neve feel welcome since her arrival in September. Thank you. The school needs more after school activities which are chosen fairly. If a child wants to attend there should be a place for them not a select number chosen. Also the Y6 day at Tranby was totally unfair the way children were picked. “Only the clever children got picked” is the words of my son! This needs looking at how is it fair! School has improved as a whole and all my children are happy and content at Anlaby Primary School. Last minute notifications of things such as dress up days/theme days makes things difficult financially. Homework is too much. Out of school activities and family time isn’t seen as important over homework and it is difficult for full time working parents.