Remote Learning at Anlaby Primary School

It is hoped that we are never in a situation where schools have to be closed for any length of time like they were during the Covid pandemic. However, at Anlaby we feel it is always worth having a remote learning option to hand should the need ever arise again.

We are therefore prepared if we do have to close bubbles and so, as a staff, we have put together a plan of what will happen should we have to close in any form. The following document explains in detail what will happen in a range of scenarios. Please take the time to read it as the expectation is that children will continue with their learning as best they can while at home. This will mean that parents will need to support their children. 


Home Learning

 It is our intention to maintain as much of our normal curriculum in school, with some adaptions and modifications, and link this as closely to our remote learning as possible. There will be a mixture of live lessons, recorded lessons, the use of specific adaptive online programmes and the sites we used during the first lockdown. Click on the links belwo for more information;

Our Approach to Remote Learning

 In the Event of a Bubble Closing

We know that many of you are very familiar with our Purple Mash website, and the children certainly are as they have been using it in school, so we are continuing with it as our online learning platform should we need to close bubbles or indeed the whole school.

If a bubble has to close we will;

  • Email a timetable for the rest of the first week with work that needs to be completed.
  • Mark the work that the children have done and give them ways to improve their work as appropriate.
  • Share a story with the children weekly.
  • Phone you regularly to see if there are any issues or problems that we can help with.
  • Monitor the amount of time children are spending on their work and make phone calls to offer support if little work is being completed.
  • Be available through the class emails to offer support and deal with issues you may have.
  • Expect parents to support their children in their learning.

For further and more in depth details of our plan please click on the link above.