Welcome to Year 4!


Teachers: Mr Appleyard, Mrs Edwards and Mrs Grout

Support Staff: Mrs Pitts and Mrs Rowson, Miss Gillyon

Key messages

In Year 4, we aim for our children to enjoy learning through an engaging, cross-curricular approach and to achieve their very best. We aim to make each child’s experience of Year 4 exciting, challenging and memorable. Parental support is essential in motivating and engaging children with their learning. With this is mind, we ask you to support us in the following:

  • Ensuring that children read at least four times weekly
  • Ensuring that children access TTRS for up to 10 minutes four times a week
  • Ensuring that children come to school with the items they need for that day such as: PE kit, spelling books, reading bookmarks, homework books, any letters that need to be returned and a school bag
  • Regularly checking your emails as we no longer send paper letters home

Year Group Curriculum Information

Here you can download our long-term plans and knowledge organisers to find out what we will be learning about in school this year.

Year 4 Curriculum Overview

This year, our topics are:

  • Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece where we will learn all about what life was like for people in Ancient Greece, the legacies of Ancient Greece, the Olympic Games, read well-known myths and legends, and lots more.
  • Misty Mountains, Winding Rivers where we will explore different cities and countries of the UK, look closely at mountain ranges, follow the journey of a river, as well as learn about the water cycle.
  • Anglo-Saxons and Scots where we will learn about settlements, invasions, kingdoms and look closely at how the Anglo-Saxons and Scots lived.

If you have any further questions or need support, advice or guidance on how you can help your child, please do not hesitate to get in touch via the class email addresses: cowell@anlabyp.co.uk or morpurgo@anlabyp.co.uk