Anlaby Primary School


School Admission Arrangements for the

2022-23 School Year


As a community controlled school, the admission authority for Anlaby Primary School is East Riding of Yorkshire Council.  Each year admission authorities review the admission arrangements for their schools, and then formally set – or ‘determine’ – these arrangements.  Admission arrangements include the number of places made available for Reception – called the published admission number – as well as how preferences for places will be considered if there are more preferences than places available – called the oversubscription criteria.  Together these details are sometimes known as the ‘admissions policy’. 

If an admission authority wants to make any changes to their admission arrangements, the admission authority must consult on any proposed changes to those arrangements before determining the arrangements.  Even where changes are not proposed, a consultation must take place at least every seven years.

As some changes are proposed this year, between Wednesday 4th November and Wednesday 16th December, the Council is consulting on the admission arrangements for community and voluntary controlled schools for the 2022-23 school year.  All these draft arrangements are available online at:

Whilst the vast majority of the admission arrangements for 2022-23 are procedurally identical to those for previous years, fourteen schools, including Anlaby Primary School, have requested a change to their admission number for the start of the 2022-23 school year.

The change proposed at Anlaby Primary School is to increase the admission number from 50 to 60.  If approved, this change would not come into force for the year group starting in September 2021, but only from September 2022.

During this period the Council are interested in the views of any residents, schools, parents/carers or other interested parties, and would ask that all views be expressed via the online survey accessible from the page link above and also at:

If you are interested in your child becoming part of the Anlaby family, you are most welcome to come and have a look around. You will find a warm welcome, from Mrs Emanuel on the Welcome Desk, where your questions will be answered and any fears you may have put to rest.

If you are thinking of joining us please click on the link below to go directly to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s Admissions site for further details.