If Things Go Wrong

Complaints Procedure

We hope you will be happy with the service you receive at Anlaby Primary School. We have high standards for our teaching, administration, and pastoral care, and we endeavour to maintain these standards as much as possible. However, we do recognise that mistakes, misunderstandings, and unforeseen situations can happen from time to time, and we aim to resolve these as quickly as possible when they do.

If you have a concern or query, please come in to the School Office and fill out a form outlining the issue. This will help us to decide which member of staff is best placed to help you. That member of staff will then ring you to either discuss the issue or arrange a face-to-face meeting depending on the situation. If this does not settle the issue, the next step is to inform the School Office that the issue has not been resolved, and they will arrange a meeting with either the Head Teacher or the Deputy Head Teacher. If the issue is still not resolved following a meeting with the Head Teacher or the Deputy Head Teacher, formal complaint forms are available from the School Office. These should be addressed to the Chair of the Governing Body, who will investigate your concern and make you aware of the outcome in writing. Appeals against any decision made by the Chair of the Governing Body may be made in writing to the Governing Body’s Complaints Committee. The school will not review abusive, threatening, or demonstrably false complaints at any point of this process, whether made on the phone, in person, or in writing; and we reserve the right to take legal action against anyone who harasses or is physically or verbally aggressive to our staff.

Stages of this process cannot be passed over without extenuating circumstances. If you do wish to make a formal complaint without first speaking to the relevant member of staff, and secondly the Head Teacher or Deputy Head Teacher, you must also explain your reasons for not doing so on the form. It should be noted that ‘the Local Authority does not investigate complaints about schools. If a complaint is made either in writing or verbally to the Director [of] Children, Families, and Schools or to any officer of the Local Authority, the Governing Body of the school is made aware of the complaint and is requested to deal with it through their adopted procedure.’

Complaints Policy

Please click HERE to be directed to the East Riding Of Yorkshire Web Site page for Concerns and Complaints.