Anlaby Primary School

Year 1

Year 1 


Welcome to Year 1. We have 2 classes: Sharratt and Donaldson.

Our aim is to ensure that the children have high quality and engaging experiences that support their learning and development. We encourage our children to be independent thinkers and learners by providing them with opportunities to achieve their goals in a number of activities.

Our timetable is set out so that our children have time to work within small groups as well as independently completing challenges. 


Who’s Who?

Donaldson– Mrs Allen/Miss Inglis

Sharratt – Mr Chattaway


What we will be learning this year.

Autumn 1

Oh no the aliens have landed!

Our topic is ‘Moon Zoom’. During this topic we will learn about different properties of materials and the job that astronauts do when they go into space. We will look at images taken of the earth from space. In Design and Technology we will be designing and then making our own space rockets.

Autumn 2

Our topic is ‘Paws, Claws and Whiskers’.  We will be learning all about different animals and the different places they like to live. To start this topic we hope to be visited by or visit lots of different animals that we will have the opportunity to feel and look at. During this topic we will also be learning about keeping ourselves healthy through exercise and eating well.

Spring 1

Our topic is ‘Dinosaur Planet’. We will learn about dinosaurs (how they looked and what they needed to help them survive). During this topic we will talk about how some things happened in the past. To end this topic we will be creating our own dinosaur museum exhibits.

Spring 2

Our topic is ‘Superheroes’. In this topic we will be learning all about our senses and how we can use them to be super humans. During this topic, we will be creating designs for new superhero capes, talking about superheroes that we meet in everyday life and have a superhero dress up day.

Summer 1 and Summer 2

Our topic is ‘Enchanted Woodland’. We will be learning about different plants and animals that you could find in a wood. In Science we will be sorting and looking at the different parts of the different plants. We will be inviting parents to come in and help make their very own enchanted plant pot. We will also be looking at life cycles and animal habitats.


English and Maths

We will be developing our English and Maths skills alongside all of our themes.

Children will have lots of opportunities to write, read and perform. Children are given lots of opportunities to ‘talk’ so they can develop their language and communication skills. Children will be developing their reading and spelling skills in their daily Read, Write, Inc phonics sessions to help them with their Phonics Screening test in June. Quality texts are used in all lessons to help encourage and develop a passion for reading. Each child is expected to read 4 or more times at home with an adult to help encourage accurate and fluent reading.

For our maths we will be continuing to improve our ‘maths in our head’ and our ‘maths with equipment’ skills. We will be learning about number, shape, measures and data handling. Each week, the children will try to beat their ‘Learn Its’ score. Any practise at home is greatly appreciated.


Some of our achievements.

We have had a busy term so far! We have settled well into Year 1 and have made great new friends. Please have a look at some of our photos.

We value and encourage parents working alongside their children. We will have dates throughout the year where parents will be invited into class to work alongside their child and to celebrate their achievements, both as a team and as individuals. These workshops will be based on all areas of the curriculum.

Your child can develop their phonics with Phonics play using the free games that are available. We use ‘treasure or trash’ and ‘Bob or Obb’ lots in school!

There are also lots of amazing phonics and maths apps if your child has access to a tablet.