Anlaby Primary School

Anlaby Radio (APFM)

The Anlaby Radio Project was set up as a lunch time club that takes place every Friday. The initial idea was to create a School Radio station run by the children, for the children. All the ideas for programmes will be developed by the children and they will be responsible for researching and scripting the programmes. The finished programmes will be recorded, edited and produced by the children.

There are several benefits to running our own radio station, it offers a platform for children to discuss the issues that matter to them. Whether it is discussing important issues or sharing the music they love, radio gives children a voice within our school. It will help build an inclusive atmosphere in our school. Lots of the activities involved have links to the national curriculum and children also gain ‘real world’ skills using similar tools to those used by professional radio broadcasters.

Most importantly, we have great fun!

Episode One - The one about reading at Anlaby Primary School.