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Possible reopening of schools to Nursery / FS, Year 1 and Year 6


Dear Parents/Carers,

Earlier this week we contacted you about your thoughts on whether your child would be returning to school on 1st June and we would like to thank you for your replies. In these unsettling times we fully understand that many of you have reservations about your child returning to school and wished to have further guidance about how this process would work and how your child would be protected within the school.

We are now pleased to be in a position to give you some tentative information regarding what may happen in June in terms of how the return to school might work over the coming weeks, which is based on the local authority guidance for all East Riding schools. We would like to reassure you that we have a comprehensive plan prepared to start to reintroduce children to school, but to share all of it now would probably be overwhelming. Needless to say, it covers every aspect of the organization of the children, staff and every aspect of the day from arrangements for drop off, pick up, lunches, cleaning, behaviour, use of corridors, sanitizing, social distancing, toilets, equipment and hundreds of other factors. Below you will find details of some of these aspects in more detail.

Whilst at the present time government guidelines still specify the return of Nursery/FS, Year 1 and Year 6 in the week commencing 1st June, we will be following a more phased approach and the date of a proposed return will be Monday 8th June as recommended by the local authority. Whilst this date has been proposed by the local authority it will only go ahead if government guidelines/advice still consider that it is safe to do so and therefore whilst we are preparing for this time, plans remain tentative as things could well be subject to change.

Phased Approach

Following the East Riding model the phased approach could be as follows:

  • Week commencing 8th June to welcome back children from the nursery and foundation stage – Monday to Thursday  (Friday will be deep clean day)
  • Week commencing 15th June to welcome back children from Year 1 – Monday to Thursday         (Friday will be deep clean day)
  • Week commencing 22nd June to welcome back children from Year 6 – Monday to Thursday                       (Friday will be deep clean day)

This is an initial plan, but this approach will be dependent on whether as a school we are able to continue to support all of our safeguarding priorities in terms of staffing, pupil numbers and classroom space. 

Key workers/vulnerable groups still remain the priority and therefore these children have to be prioritized in terms of still being able to attend school regularly. The provision for these children will remain Monday to Friday. 

Keeping Safe Precautions

As part of our overall plan and our school risk assessment, the following are some of the precautions that will be in place based on government and local authority guidance:

  • Children will be in groups of no more than 15 pupils  
  • Children will remain in their new class groups at all times during the school day  
  • Each group will be assigned an area of the playground and will be expected to remain in their allocated area  
  • Break times/lunchtimes will be staggered  
  • Furniture will be arranged to allow for social distancing in the classrooms and social distancing rules will be explained to pupils   
  • From Year 1 upwards, children will be provided with resources to be used at their desks which will be stored in a named, zip lock case  
  • Children will not be permitted to share resources and must be provided with their own water bottle for use in the classroom as water fountains will not be in use  
  • In the Nursery and Foundation stage, resources will not be shared between the assigned groups and regular cleaning of resources will take place  
  • All pupils will be asked to wash their hands at regular intervals throughout the school day. Pupils will be required to wash their hands on entering school at the start of the day   
  • Children will be required and reminded to cover their mouths when sneezing and coughing and then wash their hands, “Catch it, bin it, kill it” posters will be displayed in classrooms and around school  
  • Children experiencing any symptom of Coronavirus will be sent home and the Safe Method of Working/ Risk Assessment procedure will be followed  

The guidance still remains the same under these measures that if your child is clinically extremely vulnerable, or living with someone who is in this group, they should not come back to school and should continue home learning. If your child is clinically vulnerable (but not clinically extremely vulnerable), you should follow medical advice to decide if they should come back to school. We want to reassure you that as a school we are not putting any pressure on parents to send their children to school – you know what’s best for your child’s health and wellbeing. 

Once we have the final confirmation from the government and the local authority that the extended school opening will be taking place, we will confirm the details for the cohort of children who will be able to come in to school during the week commencing 8th June. The latest expected date for confirmation from the government is 28th May.

As mentioned above, the three week process will only be put in place if it is safe to do so in terms of the wellbeing of both children and staff and consequently there is the possibility that it may only be the first cohort of children who will be able to return at this time. We will provide you with more details on the arrangements for reopening in the coming weeks when we are able to do so. 

Please be reminded that in the meantime, the school is still open only for vulnerable pupils and the children of critical workers. For pupils at home, Purple Mash will continue to be delivered by teachers to support you and your child with home learning, and meal support will still be available for those eligible.

As previously, any updates will continue to be displayed on the website and if appropriate via texts.

Thank you for your continued patience and support at this time.

Stay safe…


 The Anlaby Primary School Team



Funded Nursery places for 3 and 4 year olds are currently available.

Please go to the Nursery page of our website or call in at the school office for more details.


I would like to welcome you to Anlaby Primary School. We are a friendly , helpful and committed school and we believe that every child matters and learning should be at the heart of everything we do.

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We recognise and appreciate our responsibilities for ourselves and the wider world.

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Mr Gareth May 

Head Teacher

Coronavirus information

We are following the guidelines from Public Health England and further support and advice can be sought by visiting their website at